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Suppporting The Aftermath

Another wave of Covid-19 and we are back to restrictions that stop us putting on the live shows that so many people enjoy.

We are holding as many different events as we can so we look forward to seeing anyone who can come down before 6pm to enjoy these. We have quizzes and music listening events, clothes swaps and art launches. Check out @theafterm on IG.

However we do need some extra support. Please have a look below at some ways to do that:

Order some booze to pickup

We have some great bottles of wine, cider, beer and gin that you can order. Check out the details.

Get an Aftermath T-Shirt or Tote

Check out the limited edition Aftermath merchandise designed by Print House Ltd.

Buy The Aftermath Live Album

Visit The Aftermath Bandcamp to get the Aftermath experience of 10 live bands and discover original music.


Donate directly to The Aftermath at 'theaftermath-hk.club'